Prof. Badea Lepadatescu

Transylvania University of Brasov, Brasov, Romania

Title of the paper: Solutions in the use of renewable energy in small-scale applications

Abstract: This Plenary Lecture presents some solutions where renewable energy can be used for applications on a small scale. A solution is presented where wind energy is used to remove water from a river and then be used as domestic water at a vacation location for school camps. Another solution presented refers to the use of equipment that will be able to take water from a river and raise it to a high altitude, from where it can be used to supply water to some villages located in isolated places in the mountains. The following two constructive solutions refer to extracting water from a river using the energy of flowing water and raising it to a height of 5 meters and another of 10 m, from where it can then be sent to the adjacent area for irrigation of agricultural land.

To obtain the results of the experimental tests, the Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPPS) program was used by box plot diagrams.

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